The Aevia Group

The Aevia Group is a twenty first century initiative that provides management infrastructure and services for the edification and education of a great humanity. It is comprised of seven major components. The term aevia is derived from the vowels of alleluia and is used in choral music encouraging us to “Sing this passage praisefully.” Today, the Aevia Group is a soft pre-echo of a distant melody. And yet it is building to herald a new era on earth; when each may experience the full and abundant life that is divinely orchestrated.

AEVIA, as an acronym, is about cultivating an Appreciation for the Enduring Value of Individual Advancement. It is at the heart of our charitable, ministerial, and corporate governance philosophy.

The Strategic Architecture for this initiative is described in a document titled The Ascension Experience. You can read it here:

The Aevia Overview

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“Our success will ultimately be determined by the provision God has made, the resourcefulness of our minds, the intensity of our spark, our fidelity to His trust, our fitness for a particular purpose, the integrity of our human governance, and the determination with which we advance towards the achievement of our goals.”

Quoted from the Founder’s Introduction to the Aevia Precepts